Sports with diabetes and an insulin pump

Playing sports with an insulin pump - and sports with diabetes - has been a challenge in itself. But exercise is very important with diabetes. Exercising keeps you fit and reduces stress. This is important because stress disrupts blood sugar levels. However, with diabetes you can still be afraid to work out. Or be afraid of hypos. Sports and diabetes can go well together though. Always remember: there are top athletes with diabetes.

Careful with endurance sports

If you inject insulin, you have to be careful with very strenuous efforts, such as endurance sports such as marathon running and cycling. Your blood sugar can suddenly suddenly rise or fall extremely, and that can be dangerous. But there are top athletes with diabetes, so it is absolutely possible. Good regulation and advice from a doctor are then necessary.

Exercise and your blood glucose values ​​(with and without insulin pump)

Exercising has a positive effect on your body. Sport also influences your blood glucose: it goes down and you can get a hypo. By measuring your blood glucose values, you can respond in time and prevent a hypo. Below you will find tips to prevent hypos. These can differ from person to person. Consult with your healthcare provider and try out what works for you.

Prepare before

Tijdens het sporten loop je het risico op hypo’s. Die kun je voorkomen door voor het sporten minder insuline te geven, wat extra koolhydraten te nemen of de streefwaarde op je insulinepomp aan te passen. Overleg dit altijd met je zorgverlener. Veel insulinepompen hebben aanpassingen voor het sporten. Kaio heeft de 670g van Medtronic en verhoogt zijn tijdelijke streefwaarde een uur van te voren en 2 uur na het sporten. Hij zit op freerunning en komt van trampolinespringen snel in een hypo. Meet altijd voor het sporten. Is je bloedglucosewaarde boven de 8 mmol/l en onder de 20 mmol/l, dan kun je gaan sporten!


When you start exercising, your blood glucose can be slightly higher, but it decreases due to the effort. Also make sure you keep drinking enough. For strenuous activities drink 0.5 to 1 liter per hour.


Your muscle cells replenish their glucose supply after exercise with glucose from your blood. This happens mainly the first two hours after exercise. The increased insulin sensitivity due to exercise can last for up to 24-48 hours. So you have to check extra after sporting to prevent a hypo afterwards.

Sporting witn an insulin pump

With sports it is a matter of trying out what works well for you: do you keep the pump on or do you disconnect it? Of course it depends on how you react to sports and whether you are doing contact or water sports, for example. And if you prefer to stay connected, this can also be done in different ways, depending on what you are going to do. Of course you don't want your pump to get in the way.

We found sports with an insulin pump a challenge in itself. Kaio's sensor let go, not all pump bags were handy and sometimes Kaio did not even want a bag. That is why we have developed various products for exercising with an insulin pump:

1. The Dia-Belt - to take your insulin pump with you during sporting

The Dia-Belt insulin pump pouch is ideal during sports. Since the Dia-Belt does not shake or slide, you can move freely without being constantly reminded of your diabetes. The minimalist bag is elastic and molds to the content. This makes the Dia-Belt with insulin pump discreet to wear under your clothing. (But even above your clothes it is certainly not out of place!). And of course you can also just insert a smartphone. The Dia-Belt has two openings, so you don't have to turn the Belt with a new drip. Tip from Kaio: You can use the other opening for your headphones during exercise.

2. Dia-Undies – discrete underwear

Kaio Dia-Undies are discreet underwear that you can exercise well in. Inside the underwear is an inner pocket for carrying an insulin pump. This way you are free to do what you want without having to worry about your pump. The inner pocket also has two openings for your infusion set. This way you can wear your pump comfortably under your sport clothes. Kaio Dia-Undies offer you simplicity, comfort and discretion.

The Dia-Band - to make sure your sensor stays in place

Do you also have a sensor or do you have a pod? Then you know how it can come loose with sport. The Kaio Dia-Band is THE protection for your sensor or pod. The Dia-Band keeps the sensor or pod in place, even during wild games, sports or swimming. And the sensor is less noticeable.

Sleeping with an insulin pump

Sleeping with an insulin pump can - especially in the beginning - be difficult. It is a matter of trying out what works well for you, because sleeping with an insulin pump is not the same as sleeping without. Of course you don't want your pump to get in the way. Some people put the pump loose next to them at night, with a cover or sock around it. It is safer to use clothing with bags or waistbands.

Kaio initially slept with a belt, but because it had a buckle in the same place as the drip, it was not nice to sleep with it. We then decided to make the product ourselves with a buckle in a different location. He also tried a shirt with a pump-pocket from another producer, but his pump fell out and the seams of the shirt were itchy. That's why we started making that ourselves too. And in Summer, Kaio prefers to sleep without a shirt. He now usually sleeps with the Dia-Pouch, with which he can decide where the buckle is.

But that is what works for us. If there is something you learn with diabetes, it is that everyone is different. So it is a matter of trying and seeing what you like best. We now offer various options for sleeping with an insulin pump:

1. Dia-Undies (Coming Soon)

In Dia-Undies is a inner pocket processed for carrying an insulin pump. This way you can sleep the way you want without having to worry about your pump. There are also two openings for your infusion set in the inner bag. Kaio Dia-Undies offer you simplicity, comfort and discretion.

2. The Dia BellyBand, comfortable and discrete

The Kaio Dia-BellyBand is comfortable, lightweight, fits exactly around your waist and has no clips on which you lie. In this way, sleeping with an insulin pump becomes a lot easier and more comfortable.

3. The Dia-Pouch, the most flexible way of sleeping with an insulin pump

The Dia-Pouch is Kaio's favorite. These are functional pump pouches with a loop and a carabiner that ensure that you can carry your insulin pump with you in a pleasant way while sleeping. Sleeping with an insulin pump is best when you can sleep exactly as you like it. That is of course the main purpose of diabetes aids such as this one.