About Kaio-Dia

Kaio Dia was founded by and for Kaio Kim, who has type 1 diabetes. We know what it's like. The pricking, the planning, couting carbs, injecting insulin, the sleepless nights and the never ending structure. It's not always easy. That's why we want to do our bit and make things just a little easier.

We believe in quality and sustainable products. That's why we're working with UWear. Alles wat we doen weerspiegelt deze manier van denken, van de productie tot het eindproduct. Kijk hier om te zien waar onze producten gemaakt worden:

People and the Environment

We produce our products under the working conditions that we ourselves would like. We want to offer products that simplify and improve the lives of the people who make them and their carriers.

Kaio Dia products are therefore produced under fair working conditions with the least possible impact on the environment. Taking care of people and the environment is a matter that is close to our hearts.

At every stage of the production process, we have made choices that minimise the environmental impact. A few examples of choices Kaio Dia has made:

  • Material from renewable sources, no plundering, no destruction of forests and sustainable agriculture
  • Fabric that gets clean when washing in 40 degrees (giving the custumer the possibilty to reduce the washing temperature from 60 to 40 degrees celsius)
  • High quality (durable products)
  • Reduce any need for additional chemicals (especially during the dyeing process)
  • Uwear supplies materials and products that are Oeko-Tex labelled.
  • Suppliers who confirm their compliance with the Reach legislation and sign the Kaio Dia Code of Conduct
  • Visiting our production plants and subcontractors
  • Secure waste and chemicals are handled properly. No unauthorized chemicals are used.
  • Recycled textile is used in production wherever possible.
  • The boxes for our shipments are made solely of recycled cardboard.
  • Environment friendly shipping after production in Indonesia: the boxes are transported in - mostly furniture - containers that still have space.


We know that our practical products help to make Diabetes a little easier. But ideally, of course, we want to put an end to Diabetes Type 1. That's why we donate 5% of our profits to diabetes research. So every time you buy from us, you help to fund life-changing research into a cure.

For more information, please read our code of conduct.

Help us to get better! Do you have any ideas for improvement? contact us! We are always open to new ideas.

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