Dia-Cool Blue Shark


Dia-Cool - insulin cooling case - to keep your insulin cool when you are on the move. Very handy: you don't need any cooling elements or electricity. The cooling is based on water evaporation.

Size 5 – voor 10 navullingen of 3 x 10 ml flesjes.

Let op: Past geen insulinepen in!

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Dia-Cool Benefits:

  • Keeps your insulin on a safe temperature for a whole day
  • Houdt insuline koel en veilig in de zomer
  • Simply activate with cold water
  • Only needs cold water, NO cooling elements nor electricity needed
  • Re-useable
  • Durable
  • Light and compact
  • Specially developed for diabetics and extensively tested by diabetics
  • Meets the highest requirements
  • Available in many fashionable designs
  • Prints made with sublimation technology - designs remain beautiful for a long time and the colors are - and stay - clear
  • Used ink is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

How it works:

Before use, immerse the Dia-Cool insulin cooler case in water for 1 hour. This allows the pearls in the bag to be filled with water and to retain the coolness of the water. Next, dry the Dia-Cool and place it in the outer bag.

Depending on the external temperature, the Dia-Cool keeps your insulin cool for at least 24 hours. After that just dip the Cool element in cold water again. The Dia-Cool then cools again for 24 hours.

The cooling mats are suitable for daily use. The Cool-element can be washed by hand in a bowl of water with soap. The outer bag can be washed according to the washing instructions.

We guarantee the pearls will cool for at least year, but they can often be used for much longer. For optimum performance and freshness, we recommend ordering a new Dia-Cool every two years.

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