Dia-Pouch Coco Loco


The Dia-Pouch are functional pump pouches with a loop and a carbine hook that ensure you can carry your insulin pump with you in whichever way you like.

Including 2 mini cool-packs

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Benefits of the Dia-Pouch:

  • Specially developed for diabetics and extensively tested by diabetics
  • Meets the highest requirements
  • Loop at the back to ensure the bag is easily attachable to your belt.
  • Carabiner hook to hang the pouch on your belt lor around your neck
  • Handy zipper at the back and a pocket for your Dia-Cool element or some money or cards.
  • Including a Dia-Cool element to ensure your insulin keeps a safe temperature.
  • Available in many fashionable designs
  • Prints made with sublimation technology - designs remain beautiful for a long time and the colors are - and stay - clear
  • Used ink is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for Medtronic 640G and 670G

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Available options:

Binnen en buitentas, Alleen buitentas, Alleen Dia-Cool binnentas


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